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Satellite Federation Purchases Mark Bay- Ȼ6.2Bill

By P.L. Sanchez, Galilea Press – September 13, 2304

(GALILEA)  ̶  This afternoon, the Intercity Assembly approved the purchase of Mark Bay Territory for 6.2 billion credit from the Northern Republic. The purchased area is approximately 255,000 square kilometers, including the 75,000 square kilometer bay.

The acquisition comes as the latest progression in the Stability Initiative, as led by Northern Republic President Daniel Proga and Satellite Federation President Pamela Subia. The initiative, launched in February this year, marked the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the Northern Republic and the Satellite Federation after sixteen years. Formal relations were severed in 2288 in response to the Satellite Federation’s acknowledgement of Faez, a former territory of the Northern Republic, as a sovereign entity.

President Subia and President Proga have successfully combined efforts to crack down on Purist radical groups which had been gaining momentum in independent territories. The initiative has seen the placement of moderate governments, compliant to international standards. As a result, terrorist activities from Purists against planet-side colonies has been cut 130% since February. Purists groups have been a continuing concern since the Satellite Federation’s first establishments of planet side colonies, resulting in the deaths of 3,088 Federation citizens since 2280.

The Mark Bay area, although under NR control, was allowed a higher level of self-governance, and attracted a large number of Carrier migrants. The concentration of Carriers in the region reached twelve percent last year, and resulted in Purist groups targeting the region. The territory was offered up for sale given the Satellite Federation’s Carrier population.

Critics of the stability initiative point to Proga’s continued segregation of Carriers as fuel for Purists radicals. “Regardless of whatever cooperation we engage in, the NR leadership still propagates the idea of Carriers as a public health concern, which has been proven false in numerous studies,” said Assembly Member Kang, of Galilea City. “As long as they maintain segregation, Purists sentiment will continue.”

President Subia has reiterated that cooperation with the Northern Republic ensures the safety of planet-side citizens. “I am delighted by the Assembly’s approval of the acquisition,” she said in a statement after the vote. “Continued cooperation is the only way to assure planet-side stability and the safety of Federation citizens.”

Meanwhile, Minister of the Guard, Simon Abel, spoke of challenges facing the integration of Mark Bay. “We’ve just bought a new set of immigration problems. Purist groups are guaranteed to pop up in areas with immigrants and large Non-Carrier populations. We will have to develop a system to maintain an environment that promotes our culture and values.”

The administrative transfer of the territory will begin in October, with full authority to be established by the beginning of 2305. Use of the territory has yet to be determined, but is predicted to follow in the direction of the East Asian colonies.



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